Joint BSPGHAN/Core Research Grants 2017

BSPGHAN and Core ( co-funded a scheme to support the collection of pilot or proof-of-concept data that will enable a high-quality competitive application to be made subsequently to a research council or other large funder. 

Stephen Allen, Julian Thomas, Simon Murch and Sarah Moule from the Research Working Group joined colleagues from CORE to assess the research submissions. We were impressed by the high standard of all proposals and breadth of topics covered. All proposals were scored individually in advance of the panel meeting and five were selected for detailed review.

The following two projects were supported: 

Chris Probert, Professor of Gastroenterology; Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool.
"Characterization of the gut mycobiome in an inception cohort of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease"

Sarah Ennis, Professor of Genomics, Genomic Informatics Group Lead, University Hospital Southampton.
 "Metabolo-genomic interactions in paediatric Crohn's Diease"

We look forward to receiving feedback as these projects progress. More information about CORE is available from and we hope to join forces again in the future to support research funding.