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British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Following the last CSAC meeting held via teleconference on 31/3/20, I just wanted to update you all with some answers  from Dr Beatie and the CSAC team to your questions so far as below:


1)      How are we doing CSAC progression form and meeting this year? Should we be looking at booking study leave half day for example to give allocated time for teleconference at home where wifi more reliable than hospital or will it be a call? 

CSAC will do whatever is needed to sort once the process and timeline (which I suspect will be revised) is sorted.In view of the Coronavirus Epidemic there are considerable (ongoing) uncertainties for trainees about their training and career progression. Many have been re-allocated to other areas and training opportunities such as ward rounds, clinics and endoscopy are significantly reduced.

Update from RCPCH from David Evans highlighted – (which will be updated with new information) regularly.

COVID-19 – RCPCH trainee progression in the UK through 2020

2)      PGHAN  training has ground to a halt – no elective endoscopy, no Reg clinics and consultants doing telephone clinics. Apart from ward experience what else should we be doing? Is there any suggestions to minimise impact of covid to training? What will happen with training length if this pause continues for example 6months?

I think this is unanswered at the moment but I agree training is effectively on pause.

Trainees should still (where possible and practical) avail themselves of learning opportunities and update/reflect in their portfolio – CBD’s may or may not be possible but can be done if there is time/supervision to complete.

I agree endoscopy training is on hold.

We will wrestle with all these issues and help with once the process and timeline is clearer.

3)      May be not CSAC specific but signposting to online learning materials would be much appreciated

It seems most journals are promoting free content and different societies are promoting guidance relating to COVID and I presume/hope some guidance is being given for trainees who are moved out of their usual/familiar clinical area

4)      Maybe a zoom conference with all trainees and CSAC might be quite nice. At other hospitals, they are going to emergency covid rota and hospital team have been hosting zoom conference with 30+ participants logging in from home – very informative/useful discussions and helpful when 20-30% of workforce self isolating.

CSAC can be part of this if we can facilitate it and you help with getting the technology right

Rulla Al-Araji

CSAC Representative

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