Professional Groups

CSAC Trainee Representative:  Dr Rulla Al-Araji was successfully appointed as CSAC Trainee Representative

The pages for the individual groups can be accessed using the drop down menu under Professional Groups. Additional summaries of each group's remit appear below.

Trainess in Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition _ TiPGHAN

We are a relatively small group of specialist PGHAN trainees and general paediatricians with an interest in PGHAN who meet twice a year.  Our first meeting is held in conjunction with the associates group (known as BSPGHAN ATM), and usually takes place end of September/beginning of October over 2 days (see here for further details) and the second meeting is an Annual Meeting held in January when we have the post-graduate day. Both of these meetings provide a forum for discussion of current issues and concerns for the trainees, promoting of other educational opportunities and an opportunity to network with other trainees from across the country.
Our training committee is made up of myself as trainee chair, trainee secretary and CSAC representative. Our webpage contains useful educational resources, dates of courses of interest and information on endoscopy training.

Fiona Cameron
Trainee Chair
February 2015

The associate group has members across a wide variety of specialities including specialist nurses, dietitians, speech and language therapists and psychologists. The associates are represented by a committee who also participate in the planning of the annual BSPGHAN ATM programme and contributes to the BSPGHAN Annual meetings. The associates have representatives on the working groups and the committee meet throughout the year.

Kay Crook
Associates Chair
February 2015

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