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BSPGHAN Zoom Education Series

These sessions are primarily aimed at trainees, however other BSPGHAN members are welcome to join. 

To ensure the security of these sessions, meeting login details are circulated via e-mail and the BSPGHAN trainees WhatsApp group – if you have not received any information so far and would like to participate in future sessions, please contact us at or

Note that the schedule is subject to frequent changes – so please check back regularly.

Upcoming Sessions

10/07/2020 Friday1300Introduction to Liver HistologyMaesha Deheragoda
10/07/2020 Friday1400Colonoscopy- Basics, Looping and Top TipsPriya Narula
15/07/2020 Wednesday1400Gastrointestinal Issues in Children with NeurodisabilityLisa Whyte
16/07/2020 Thursday1200Interpreting Liver Function TestsJane Hartley
22/07/2020 Wednesday1300Parenteral Nutrition Lipid FormulationsAndrew Barclay
23/07/2020 Thursday1200Molecular Cholestasis, Pathogenesis and management of Cholestatic PruritusPalaniswamy Karthikeyan
29/07/2020 Wednesday1400Complex Gastro-AllergyJenny Epstein
31/07/2020 Friday1300Intestinal Failure- Associated Liver Disease and Small Bowel TransplantationJonathan Hind
05/08/2020 Wednesday1400Management of Neonatal Intestinal FailureNkem Onyeador
06/08/2020 Thursday1200Autoimmune HepatitisDeirdre Kelly
12/08/2020 Wednesday1400BSPGHAN Masterclass- Details to Follow
13/08/2020 Thursday1200Neonatal CholestasisSuzanne Davison
19/08/2020 Wednesday1400ATM Session – Topics to be confirmed
21/08/2020 Friday1300Liver Session- Topic TBC
26/08/2020 Wednesday 1400ECCO/ESPGHAN Guidelines on Crohn’s DiseaseRichard Russell
27/08/2020 Thursday1200EBV Viraemia and Post- Transplant Lymphoproliferative DisorderGirish Gupte
02/09/2020 Wednesday1400Changeover – No sessions this week
03/09/2020 Thursday1200Nutrition in Liver DiseaseSerena Kyrana
11/09/2020 Friday1400Practical approach to Acute GI bleedingMike Thomson
16/09/2020 Wednesday1400Polyposis in PracticeRonald Bremner
23/09/2020 Wednesday1400Achieving Enteral Autonomy in Short Bowel SyndromeTracey Johnson
24/09/2020 Thursday1200Management of Chronic Liver Disease ComplicationsSanjay Rajwal
30/09/2020 Wednesday1400
07/10/2020 Wednesday1400
14/10/2020 Wednesday1400
21/10/2020 Wednesday1400
28/10/2020 Wednesday1400

Past Sessions

DateTime ​Topic​Speaker
​​08/04/2020 Wednesday1400​Biologics in IBD: current developmentsTheodoric Wong
​22/04/2020 Wednesday1400​GI manifestations of primary immunodeficiencies​Theodoric Wong​
29/04/2020 Wednesday1400Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) in GastroenterologySue Protheroe
​30/04/2020 Thursday1200​Metabolic Liver Disease​Girish Gupte
07/05/2020 Thursday1200Liver TransplantationKhalid Sharif
14/05/2020 Thursday1200Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseSanjay Rajwal
​15/05/2020 Friday1400Looking after your IBD patient during COVID-19Richard Russell
​20/05/2020 Wednesday​​​1400Therapeutic drug monitoring in paediatric IBDMarco Gasparetto
22/05/2020 Friday1300Acute Liver FailureAnil Dhawan
27/05/2020 Wednesday1400Hitchhikers Guide to PEG Galaxy – Indications, Preparation, Pitfalls and other considerationsMarcus Auth
28/05/2020 Friday1300Viral HepatitisSuzanne Davison
03/06/2020 Wednesday1400Thinking about Cancer Risk in IBDAttah Ocholi
04/06/2020 Thursday1200Cystic Fibrosis-Associated Liver DiseaseIndra van Mourik
12/06/2020 Friday1300Wilson’s DiseaseSerena Kyrana
12/06/2020 Friday1400Surgery in IBDChristine Spray
17/06/2020 Wednesday 1400  Refractory or Non-Responsive Coeliac Disease – what you need to know!Peter Gillett
19/06/2020 Friday  1300Portal Hypertension Tassos Grammatikopoulos
25/06/2020 Thursday
1200PancreatitisEvelyn Ong
26/06/2020 Friday1400Parenteral Nutrition in Children and NeonatesElena Cernat
01/07/2020 Wednesday1400Radiology Basics for GastroenterologistsClaire Miller
02/07/2020 Thursday1200Surgical Management of Portal HypertensionKhalid Sharif

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