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British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Previous BSPGHAN Meetings

Dr Assad Butt and his team from Brighton thank everyone who attended the 2020 BSPGHAN Annual Meeting from 29th - 31st January 2020 held at the Brighton Dome

The Programme is available to download - BSPGHAN Annual Meeting 29th - 31st January 2020


Dr Assad Butt, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children, Brighton
Dr Loveday Jago, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Manchester Children's Hospital, Chair of BSPGHAN Education Group and abstract selection committee e-mail
Mr Chris Smith, Senior Dietitian, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children, Brighton
Mrs Joanne Parker, Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Clinical Nurse Specialist, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children, Brighton

Industry sponsors

BSPGHAN once again thanks all industry sponsors for providing educational grants to support this important annual meeting

Platinum:           Takeda (formerly Shire Pharmaceuticals

Silver:                 Mead Johnson Nutritionals

Bronze:              Tillotts Pharma 

Bronze:             Amgen

Bronze:            Nestle Health Science

Bronze:            Tillotts Pharma

Bronze:           Abbott

Bronze:          Calea

Exhibitor:          Dr Falk Pharma

Exhibitor:         Laborie Medical Technologies

Exhibitor:         Ferring

Exhibitor:        Pfizer

Exhibitor:       Vertex

Charities:  Children's Liver Disease Foundation; CICRA; Guts UK  Special Charity Exhibitor :  TOFS.UK





Previous Annual Meeting Prize Winners

2020 Brighton 

Alex Mowat Prize - Dr Robert Hegarty
Sean Devane Memorial - Dr Kornilia Nikaki

Best Poster Prize - Ms Amanda Harvey

Dr Falk Awards- Dr Rulla Al-Araji and Dr Konstantinos  

2019 Oxford

Alex Mowat Prize - Joost van Haastereen, PhD Student
Sean Devane Memorial - Dr Chris Bakewell
Best Poster - Eleni Athanasakos
Dr Falk Award - Annette Mulcahy

2018 Leeds
Alex Mowat Prize -   David Wands
Sean Devane Memorial –  Natasha Burgess
Best Poster –  Dr Ozan Hanci
Dr Falk Award - Dr Sik Yong

2017 Glasgow
Alex Mowat Prize - Dr Suzanne Davison
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Neil Chanchlani
Best Poster –  Chris Smith

2016 Bristol
Alex Mowat Prize - Dr Nicola Ruth
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Yunghi  Koh
Best Poster –  Martin Lister

2015 Stratford upon Avon
Alex Mowat Prize - Dr Mona Abdel-Hady
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Kelsey Jones
Best Poster – Ms Sarah Maconald and Dr Katherine Fawbert
Best PICO Presentation - Dr Huey Miin Lee

2014 London
Alex Mowat Prize - Dr Vandana Jain
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Ed Giles
Best Poster – Dr Bradley Keller

2013 Manchester
Alex Mowat Prize - Dr Protima Amon
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Lisa Whyte
Best Poster – Dr Rana Bitar

2012 Nottingham
Alex Mowat Prize – Mark Goddard
Sean Devane Memorial – Anna Gregory
Challenging Case – Dr Lisa Whyte
Best Poster – Ms Hannah Williamson

2011 Edinburgh
Alex Mowat Prize – Dr Paul Henderson
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Emer Fitzpatrick
Best Poster – Ms Helen French

2010 Liverpool
Alex Mowat Prize – Dr Emer Fitzpatrick
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Rachael Taylor
Best Poster Presentation – Dr Paul Henderson

2009 Sheffield
Alex Mowat Prize – Dr Johan van Limbergen
Sean Devane Memorial – Dr Jenny Epstein
Best Allied Health Professional – Ms Jackie Falconer

2008 Southampton
Alex Mowat Prize – Dr Andrew Barclay
Best Abstract Presentation – Ms Elaine Buchanan
Best Presentation – Dr Sherina Ross

Previous Annual Programmes

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