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New standards aim to reduce variations in care and improve the health outcomes and quality of care for infants, children and young people with gastroenterology, hepatology and nutritional disorders.

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The RCPCH has partnered with the British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (BSPGHAN) to develop new standards for paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition. The purpose of the quality standards is to reduce variation in care, ensuring equitable services are available for all infants, children and young people and to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for children with gastroenterology, liver or intestinal disorders throughout the UK.

The nine standards have been built around the requirement for the full portfolio of specialist gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition services to be provided within clinical networks.

Future vision for paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition

  • Improving clinical outcomes and reducing variation in care will be best progressed and facilitated by services being commissioned, planned, delivered and evaluated through funded clinical networks.
  • Providing telehealth services for patients and families will enable regular monitoring of patients who have long term health needs and will improve access to care for patients who live in geographically remote locations.
  • Networks will facilitate the co-location of other subspecialties in order to manage the complex needs of patients with gastroenterology, liver and complex nutrition needs.

CLDF provides, information, support services for families and young people and funds for research. In addition we campaign on variety of policy issues which we think impact the care and lives of children, young people and families affected by childhood liver disease. We are currently undertaking a survey seeking the views of Health care professionals about our policy priorities. We want to know what policy areas you think the charity should be focussing on and what issues affected by policy have the biggest potential impact for the care, lives and opportunities for children and young people affected by liver disease. The survey is quite short and we are seeking the views of all BSPHGAN members who have any contact with children affected by a liver condition.

The deadline for completing the survey is 30th April 2018 , please feel free to share the details of the survey with any staff members who may not be active BSPHGAN members. Many thanks for your help and support