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British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

The Council of the Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association (IRTA) would like to announce the approval of a new policy to promote the development of local chapters within the organization. The goal of this exciting initiative is to increase international participation of all care providers within the multidisciplinary teams engaged in intestinal failure, rehabilitation, and transplantation.  This would be accomplished through educational and research activities to promote the development of clinical and psychosocial management strategies for pediatric and adult patients with intestinal failure who require rehabilitation or transplant. IRTA invites care providers from all international intestinal rehabilitation and transplant centers to become engaged as active participants through the development of a local IRTA chapter. Creating a chapter will increase your visibility and local network. Involvement at the local level is important for the consolidation and the growth of our international organization and ultimately affects patient care and outcomes. 
If you are interested in starting a local IRTA chapter, please confirm that your chapter can fulfill the following requirements:

  • The local chapter must have a minimum for 5 IRTA members to establish a chapter.  These participants must be current members of IRTA in good standing as a full member, allied health, fellow/trainee, or international member
  • The principles and goals of IRTA History & Mission ( must be followed by the Chapter with adherence to the Declaration of Istanbul (
  • Each local Chapter should promote local and regional education through inter- and multidisciplinary scientific work and support career development in the fields of intestinal rehabilitation and transplant.
  • The IRTA Chapters will have a specific page within the IRTA website that includes individual Chapter activities and news, pictures, comments, links, and a list of current active chapters.  Content will be updated and added quarterly.
  • Individual chapters have the option and are encouraged to develop a local chapter logo which will then be submitted to the IRTA Council for final approval.
  • Local Chapters can try to obtain administrative support through local transplant societies.
  • Following approval by the IRTA Council to begin Chapter development, a recognition plaque will be sent to the leaders of each Chapter. The IRTA Council and IRTA committee members will actively support all IRTA chapter activities.

The IRTA Council hopes you are interested in this opportunity to promote education and science within our field.

Applicants should complete the application form below and email the form to:

Suzanne Landis, IRTA Section Manager at

To become a member of the IRTA, please visit or contact Jennifer Varga at

Download application here


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